About Skylight

Skylight is an experimental keyboard launcher. It lets you quickly find and open anything on your computer or the web. Start apps, documents or search websites with a few keystrokes, it even learns from your habits.

After some use Skylight can become an extension of your hand. You'll find yourself doing without thinking, as apps or websites will launch in pure reflex.

Whats New

  • support for custom Web Search Providers
  • Catalog UI for easy item managment
  • Minimal UI AppRocket style UI for launching,
    the full expression UI remains just a key-stroke away
  • Desktop Search (WDS) Support brings full content search to Skylight,
    search inside any document, email or notebook
  • global text grab select text anywhere,
    hit Alt-Space, press Enter
    and you're looking at Google search results, couldn't be simpler
  • inline calculator type 2+2 get 4,
    type 2+sqrt(5/3*pi*pow(e,2.2)) get 8.874217
  • folder browser with filtering
  • media player refactor, slicker, meaner and more useful
  • YouTube MP4 playback and download
  • indexed media, search through all your music in a snap
  • send IM from within Skylight
For a complete list, see 'Whats New' within Skylight

Release Notes

  • CapsLock issues exist under WinXP and if UAC is active under Vista.
  • If UAC is active, 'Current Items' may not properly grab selected text.
  • In general User Account Control (UAC) is bad for automation!
  • You may hear an audable 'beep' when activating Skylight, this is a side-effect the 'Current Items' perspective trying to grab text via Clipboard, due to a 'limitation' within Windows there is no clear method of doing this so Skylight must do what it can! One solution is to disable Windows sounds or disable the perspective.
  • Requires .Net 3.5 SP1 Framework, now this is not a bad thing! One way to look at it is that if an app dosn't require .Net chances are its written using 80's technology, now we don't want that do we?

More on Skylight

On top of being a launcher, Skylight is an ongoing experiment into natural language driven computing. In a future version it will allow you to build up a command, using familiar auto completion, to describe a task you'd like to accomplish, such as 'I want to email this document, located wherever, to this person'. This expression is build up in a systematic and incremental way, which is easy for the user to understand and predict. It does not require the user to know or use different applications, the applications become part of a common lexicon. The expression elements are also extensible, thus having all possible plugins one can easily create a command for any task a given system can perform. As a result of these qualities, this approach lends itself nicely to automation and voice control.

Skylight also features habit learning, skip-letter string matching and predictive match algorithms.

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