VideoVelocity Time-Lapse Capture Studio

Studio edition

VideoVelocity Studio edition combines all editions and adds studio power features, including time-lapse or slideshow movie creation from image or video files.

VideoVelocity Studio edition specific features:

  • Record HD video from all 5 video sources: Webcam & Capture Cards, DSLR & Camera, IP Network Cameras, Screen Capture and Files-to-Video
  • Capture into jpg or lossless png image files for later processing.
  • Convert image or video files (jpg, png, nef, raw, avi, mp4, wmv, etc.) into an HD movie. Simply point it at a folder with any type of file (jpg, png, nef, any Windows supported format) and it will do the rest.
  • Create slideshows or quick motion time-lapse movies. Perform frame fading or even motion detection on the files.
  • Perform HD 1080p H.264 encoding
  • Custom crop and resize functionality.
  • Image enhancement filters (auto enhance, saturation, sharpen, etc.).
  • Advanced scheduler, solar based for sunrise/sunset recording or custom weekday/monthly schedules.
  • Normalize brightness changes common in time-lapse capture due to auto exposure. (A must for professional results!)

The Studio edition is recommended for professional results, with power features like brightness equalization/deflicker and round trip still-image-file processing, which improves reliability and allows repeat post-processing without loss of quality.

v3.7.2104, (March 22, 2022)
v3.7.2104, (March 22, 2022)

Free to use without limit.
Purchase only to use HD.

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