VideoVelocity Time-Lapse Capture Studio

VideoVelocity comes in 6 editions: Free, Webcam & Capture, DSLR & Camera, IP Camera, Photo & Video Files, and the Studio edition that does it all & adds power features.

Buy $98 Best Value
HD Recording
Removed branding
Timelapse or slideshow video from files
(dot means
Capture from folder
H.264 encoding
Enhance filters: sharpen, saturation, etc.
Advanced scheduling, solar, etc.
Custom crop & resize
In app camera focus, exposure, etc.
Record to image files (jpg, png)
Save as HD mp4, avi, wmv files
Timestamp, title imprint
HD webcam or DirectShow
HD DSLR, Point & Shoot
HD IP/Network camera
(mjpeg, jpg)
HD screen capture
Buy $98 Best Value

Edition Info

  • When upgrading to the Pro edition, re-installation is not required.
  • Gray dot means feature is fully functional but limited to non-HD resolution.
  • Already own VideoVelocity? Upgrade to Studio here.
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